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Digital Brands Group is a curated collection of luxury lifestyle, digital-first brands. We bring together like-minded direct-to-consumer names under one portfolio to share operational, infrastructure, and data resources as means to drive down redundant fixed costs that are difficult to establish and expensive to maintain. By eliminating demanding administrative responsibilities for our brands, we stimulate creativity, innovation, and a maniacal commitment to the product and customer experience.



E-commerce and direct-to-consumer retail models are gaining an ever greater lead, driving revenue growth and market share. Nearly 80% of Americans shop online today, and as consumers have become accustomed to the convenience, personalization, and transparency of online shopping, innovation led growth is being driven by those direct-to-consumer brands who have mastered the art of exceptional customer experience.

We strongly believe in this market’s future - and plan to play an active role in it.

Our purpose is to accelerate the growth of talented brands by offering specialized services and infrastructure that are crucial to the success of direct brands: Operations, marketing, technology, legal, and customer service. Each of the brands within our portfolio will be able to cultivate their unique identity and amplify their growth in a more efficient, affordable way to the benefit of all




Shared Resources
Our model breaks through the revenue and share barriers that are keeping direct brands small: operation, marketing, technology, and development costs. Sharing expensive and hard to build infrastructure cuts out redundant expenses and generates scale and efficiency critical to each brand’s development.

Commitment to Craftsmanship
Exceptional quality, superlative materials, and cutting-edge craftsmanship are the foundation of our brands. Our brands manufacture in the best facilities around the world and refuse to compromise on integrity or value.

Creative Autonomy and Excellence
We strive to cultivate each unique brand identity. By removing administrative burdens, our brands are empowered to focus on what matters most: the product, the story, and the customer experience.

Vertical Commerce
A superior brand experience is the number one goal. We own our customer experience from start to finish, allowing for our brands to form an authentic relationship with its customers, personalize their experience, and connect beyond the digital world.



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